About Us

Path Energy isn’t just about bringing sustainable, affordable, clean energy solutions to the market – we want to look at your energy bills, find you the best ROI, and reduce your bills as much as possible, with a combination of hardware and software solutions. Whilst solar may be at the forefront of what we do, most of our clients come to us for a 360 energy solution, including business energy tariffs, solar energy, feed-in and export tariffs, battery storage and wider energy consulting.

It’s our background in business management and understanding all the technicalities involved with running a business that makes that possible. We understand what matters for founders, senior executives and managers within businesses when taking the decision to change your energy strategy. You need transparency, reliability and outstanding service that you can fall back on for years to come, not just the cheapest deal that’s put in front of you.

Although we deal with a lot of corporate business, we don’t have a typical corporate attitude – we just want to make your energy supply more sustainable and work for your business instead of costing you a fortune. If you have any questions about how we do this, please, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you make the transition to sustainable solar and battery storage energy.