Solar panels for retail

In today’s retail landscape, the move towards sustainability isn’t just a trend, but a necessity. As a frontrunner in solar energy solutions, Path Energy is uniquely positioned to address this need in the retail sector.

Our advanced solar panel systems are especially designed to cater to the dynamic energy requirements of retail businesses of all kinds. This custom approach makes it so your business’s energy needs are met with precision, and you can enjoy a green alternative to traditional energy sources.

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Why go solar?

Harnessing solar power for retail

In the ever-changing world of retail, businesses are always looking for ways to manage their energy needs, as unique demands call for specialised energy solutions. However, traditional power sources can sometimes fall short, leading to disruptions and inefficiencies.

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Securing the future

Reliable energy for non-stop operations

Our innovative commercial solar panels for retail offer a solution that bridges the gap between your energy needs and sustainable practices, whilst meeting the specific demands of the retail industry.

Our solar power systems allow retail hubs to enjoy uninterrupted operations, while safeguarding against possible power grid failures and unexpected pauses in operation.

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Optimised energy

Handy finance options

The cost of adapting to greener energy solutions can be daunting; the upfront investment in solar power can be overwhelming for many retail businesses, leading many to sticking with less reliable, more expensive energy sources that rely on fossil fuels.

We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to financing green energy innovations.

Our approach? Customised Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), designed specifically for your retail facility, that consider its unique energy requirements and operational dynamics.

This flexible financing solution offers you the ability to switch to solar power without the burden of a substantial outlay. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of solar power without any financial disruption or operational instability.

Energy tariff optimisation
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Store more energy

Energy security and profitability

Energy costs can make or break a business – or at the very least, do some damage to profit margins. Our commercial solar panels for retail are a practical solution to this challenge, catering to your facility’s energy needs, and securing clean, renewable energy day and night.

In fact, you can enjoy up to 100% off your electricity costs, equalling thousands in savings. Reinvest these savings back into your business, optimise your operations, and gain that edge over your competitors.

Commercial solar battery storage
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Sustainability for your retail facility

The high energy consumption of your retail facility contributes to its carbon emissions. A constant reliance on grid electricity not only affects your operational costs in the long term, but your ongoing environmental impact.

The key to addressing these environmental challenges lies in shifting towards a more sustainable energy source. Solar power emerges as a leading solution that offers a greener alternative to traditional energy sources.

Our advanced retail solar panel systems can be tailored to integrate with the unique infrastructure of retail facilities. They offer a dependable and consistent power supply, capable of reducing or even eliminating your dependence on harmful fossil fuel-based electricity.

With Path Energy, you’re investing in a sustainable future, reducing your carbon footprint and managing costs effectively – all at the same time.

Commercial solar grants


Solar panel maintenance and monitoring for retail

After installation, solar panels need some amount of maintenance to ensure they continue to function efficiently. Without proper upkeep, your solar investment might not yield the best energy production or return on investment.

We also know that as a retail business owner, you don’t have time to constantly keep on top of your solar power maintenance.

So, let Path Energy do it for you.

Our comprehensive maintenance services are tailored for the retail sector. It is designed to keep your solar PV systems in top order so you experience maximum energy output and efficiency at every turn.

But beyond regular maintenance, we also provide an advanced monitoring system which offers real-time performance tracking, letting us keep an eye on your system’s operation closely. With this, we can identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

Choose Path Energy for a worry-free solar experience, where your retail business enjoys uninterrupted solar power and delivers consistent ROI.

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Installation in under 15 weeks

Super-quick installation compared to the industry standard of 6 months. We’ll save you money faster.

25-year performance guarantee

Your solar panel installation will still be saving you money a quarter of a century after installation.

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12-year product guarantee

We guarantee that your solar panels will still be operating as efficiently as the day it was installed a decade later.

Save £££

Save an average of 46% on your daytime electricity bills with our renewable energy products.

Commercial Solar Finance

Why retailers should invest in solar

Future-proof your retail business with our commercial solar battery storage options and ensure long-term competitiveness in your market.

Renewable Energy Calculator

At Path Energy, we specialise in assisting retail businesses in accurately assessing their potential energy savings. Our dedicated team harnesses the power of advanced technology and industry expertise to provide you with precise calculations. By delving deep into your energy consumption patterns and employing cutting-edge software solutions, we can determine the most efficient strategies to optimise your energy usage. Use our simple calculator below to see how much your business can save today!

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