Smart Grid Solutions

Smart grids are the future of cleaner sustainable electricity management. A smart grid solution from Path Energy can streamline your electrical and technical infrastructure and put you in full control of how, when, and why your business uses its electricity.

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What do smart grid solutions do?

Smart Grid

With higher energy demands being placed on the national grid, smart grids are becoming a more and more practical option for businesses with large power needs. Control over the production and distribution of electricity are vital aspects of a successful smart grid, which is why they can comprise of some, or all, of the following attributes: 

  • Smart meters – Enabling you to keep track of your energy use in real-time and analyse your historical energy usage.
  • Smart distribution boards and circuit breakers – These elements give you the ability to control smart appliances, such as thermostats, lighting, air con, and smart speakers remotely from a mobile phone app.
  • Powering renewable energy sources – Such as EV chargers and battery energy storage from solar power resources.
  • Broadband – A broadband internet connection strong enough to handle all of the above with ease but has the capacity to run everything on a wireless connection if required.

More reliable, faster, and sustainable than the traditional method of handling these numerous components, a smart grid gives you superior energy efficiency while considerably reducing your carbon footprint. 

Would you like to learn more about smart grid solutions for your business? Speak to our expert team today to see how a smart grid installation could revolutionise how your business uses energy. 

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Smart grid advantages

The advantages of a smart grid for your business are many, including:

Energy-efficient – The ability to control how and when your energy is used makes it much more energy efficient than other more traditional methods.

Cost-efficient – This, in turn, makes it a much more cost-effective system, saving you money each month.

State-of-the-art technology – The latest technology is incorporated into smart grids.  

Ease of use – Smart technology makes using a smart grid simple.

Adaptability – The technology can be used in numerous sectors, businesses and situations, including EV charging, cooling, IT power distribution, security, and environmental and telemetry systems to name just a few.

Smart grid = smart savings

The main advantage of a smart grid is its ability to be expanded upon and upgraded with ease. Everything from audio-visual switches to electrical surge protection controls, temperature control sensors, light switches, switchboards, voltage transformers, relays, and surge protection trip circuits can be incorporated into a smart grid. This makes controlling every aspect of your energy consumption a breeze, making it easier than ever to save money and use less energy. 

These smart additions help to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint and save you money every single month. They can even potentially help you to make money as they can be used to regulate the storage of electricity generated by solar panel installations

To learn more about this revolutionary technology and how you could integrate it into your business, speak to our experts today.