Solar panel installations for the hospitality industry

At Path Energy, we bring cutting-edge solar solutions to power the future of sustainable operations in the hospitality sector. As a leading solar energy partner that’s committed to serving the hospitality sector, we understand the unique energy challenges faced by hotels and resorts.

Our mission is to empower your business with renewable energy solutions that align with your sustainability goals whilst delivering significant cost savings.

We liberate your business from traditional energy sources, ushering in a new era of energy independence for your hospitality business through solar power. Our solutions guarantee a reliable and consistent energy supply, reducing reliance on grid electricity and reducing the impact of power outages.

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Why go solar?

Why hospitality businesses should install solar energy

We free your business from traditional energy sources. Welcome a new era of energy independence for your hospitality business through solar power. Our solutions guarantee a reliable and consistent energy supply, reducing reliance on grid electricity and the impact of power outages.

Watch your electricity bills drop and your funds go straight back to improving your guest experience.

Our tailored PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, letting you adopt solar power without that substantial upfront investment, allowing you to allocate your money more strategically.

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Securing the future

Energy security and profitability for the hospitality industry

We understand the major role that energy plays in keeping your hospitality business running smoothly and cheaply. In the face of rising energy costs, you want to make sure you’re thinking ahead when it comes to your energy expenses – that’s where our solar panels come in.

Our solar PV panels are designed to help hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses notably reduce costs and improve operations. In fact, our solar solutions can save you up to 100% of your daytime electricity expenses.

Reach out today and see how you can reach a brighter, more sustainable future for your hospitality business.

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Optimised energy

Solar Energy Tariff Optimisation For Manufacturers

Path Energy’s tariff optimisation service is tailored to manufacturing businesses, offering efficient solar energy solutions.

We assess your energy usage, recommend cost-effective changes, and focus on delivering the highest return on investment (ROI) for your operations.

Whether it’s minor adjustments or comprehensive overhauls, our goal is to reduce energy costs, enhance sustainability, and ensure your manufacturing business thrives.

Partner with Path Energy to unlock savings and efficiency in your energy consumption, driving your business towards a sustainable and profitable future.

Energy tariff optimisation
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Store more energy

Finance for solar panels in the hospitality industry

With effective financing packages, discover cost-effective solar solutions tailored for the hospitality sector with Path Energy. While many businesses prefer self-financing for sustained returns, we recognise that hospitality establishments may face constraints on their budgets.

When you work with Path Energy for your commercial solar solutions, you can benefit from the strategic partnerships we’ve forged with leading financial institutions. These partnerships will open up specialised financing options to help you afford your solar solution.

Whether you’re interested in asset finance, hire purchase, or a power purchase agreement (PPA), we are here to create a personalised finance package that meets your unique needs.

Commercial solar battery storage
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Solar Energy Grants

CSR and net zero in the hospitality sector

Installing solar panels into your hospitality establishment goes beyond cost savings – it’s a strategic leap towards achieving sustainability goals. As the hospitality sector increasingly emphasises Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), our solar panels not only contribute to environmental objectives but also send a compelling message to attract environmentally conscious investors.

Efficiently utilising your business’s roof space, our solar panels help to trim operational expenses, cut down on carbon footprint, and align with CSR commitments. Position yourself as a leader in sustainability, adding value to your property, and placing you ahead of your competitors.

Commercial solar grants


Solar panel maintenance for the hospitality sector

Investing in solar power for your hospitality business is a commitment that goes beyond the initial installation – you want to make sure your solar panels contribute to your success for years to come.

To guarantee this long-term success, our monitoring and maintenance service offers a range of solutions that safeguard your solar equipment and keep things running smoothly.

This includes routine cleaning to maintain peak efficiency, as well as proactive monitoring to address potential issues before they impact business operations. This proactive approach makes sure your solar PV system is working to the best of its ability, but also safeguards it as the investment that it is, ensuring continued benefits for your hospitality business in the long run.

Invest in solar today
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Installation in under 15 weeks

Super-quick installation compared to the industry standard of 6 months. We’ll save you money faster.

25-year performance guarantee

Your solar panel installation will still be saving you money a quarter of a century after installation.

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12-year product guarantee

We guarantee that your solar panels will still be operating as efficiently as the day it was installed a decade later.

Save £££

Save an average of 46% on your daytime electricity bills with our renewable energy products.

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Commercial Solar Finance

Why hospitality companies should invest in solar

Future-proof your hospitality business with our commercial solar battery storage options and ensure long-term competitiveness in your market.

Renewable Energy Calculator

At Path Energy, we specialise in assisting commercial businesses in accurately assessing their potential energy savings. Our dedicated team harnesses the power of advanced technology and industry expertise to provide you with precise calculations. By delving deep into your energy consumption patterns and employing cutting-edge software solutions, we can determine the most efficient strategies to optimise your energy usage. Use our simple calculator below to see how much your business can save today!

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Solar Panels

Generate your own clean energy to reduce your electricity bills

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Smart Energy Tariffs

We find the best plan for you from 65+ suppliers in our network

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Solar Export Tariffs

Sell your excess solar energy for the best prices with our exclusive partnerships

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Battery Storage

Store excess solar and cheap overnight energy, to use when you need it, maximising your bill savings

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Installing Commercial Solar for Hospitality Businesses in the UK

We provide tailored solar solutions for hospitality businesses in the UK, optimising energy production and minimising costs.

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