Solar panels installations for the construction industry

At Path Energy, we’re at the forefront of innovating solar panels designed for the construction sector. Our advanced solar panels are crafted to address the distinct needs of construction firms, offering a tailored approach to energy sustainability.

We aim to support the construction and property development industries by providing sustainable, economically viable solar energy options. These solar solutions integrate effortlessly with your project requirements, ensuring a dependable energy source throughout.

By incorporating our solar panels into your construction project’s infrastructure, we help safeguard against power disruptions, boosting the resilience of your essential operations.

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Solar Panels for Construction Industry

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Why go solar?

Why construction should invest in solar

We understand that projects in construction and property development face distinct challenges related to energy needs. That’s why our solar panels are crafted to meet these needs precisely and efficiently.

Recognising the critical need for a steady and dependable energy supply in construction projects, our construction solar panels offer a reliable power source. This ensures operations continue smoothly, despite grid disruptions, while promoting sustainable energy use.

On top of this, our customised Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) provide a flexible and financially viable option for adopting construction solar power, eliminating the need for a hefty initial investment.

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Securing the future

Energy security and profitability for construction

Rising energy costs can be a big problem, especially for property developments. Here at Path Energy, we’re focused on providing tailored solar energy solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of the construction and property development industry.

Our solar panels for construction are made to offer a dependable and cost-saving energy alternative, helping your projects save a significant amount on electricity bills—potentially eliminating your daytime electricity costs.

As your go-to provider for construction solar panels, we’re here to help you move towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future. Contact us to discover how our solar panel solutions can help solve your construction and property development energy challenges.

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Optimised energy

Finance for solar panels in construction

Choosing Path Energy for your construction project’s solar panel needs provides cost-effective solar solutions that relieve some of the financial challenges associated with energy consumption in the construction sector.

We have solid connections with leading financial institutions, so that we can offer you custom financing solutions designed just for the construction and property development world. This includes financing for equipment, hiring purchase options, and agreements for purchasing power (PPA).

Path Energy is committed to supporting your construction project with sustainable energy solutions, guaranteeing a reliable energy supply for your construction site’s needs, including critical property developments.

Business Solar Grants
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Sustainability for your construction project

As a leading provider of solar panels for the construction and property development industries, we recognise the energy challenges these sectors face. Construction projects need a constant, reliable energy supply, and our solar panels deliver just that—clean, dependable, renewable energy.

By adopting solar energy, construction projects can avoid the fluctuations of traditional energy costs, allowing funds to be used elsewhere.

Path Energy is here to support your construction projects’ journey towards sustainability. We offer a practical, resilient energy solution that meets your energy needs and aligns with sustainable development goals.

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Solar panel maintenance for construction

We understand construction sites are always busy, and delays can cause big problems.

That’s why our solar panels for construction come with advanced systems to check how they’re doing in real time. This means we can quickly spot and fix any issues, so your work doesn’t have to stop.

Our service continues after putting the panels up, too. We also take care of them regularly, to ensure they’re working as well as they can. Solar panels from Path Energy let your construction projects get the steady, green power they need. Invest in construction solar solutions from Path Energy for a reliable and eco-friendly energy source that keeps your site running smoothly.

Solar Panels for Builders
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Installation in under 15 weeks

Super-quick installation compared to the industry standard of 6 months. We’ll save you money faster.

25-year performance guarantee

Your solar panel installation will still be saving you money a quarter of a century after installation.

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12-year product guarantee

We guarantee that your solar panels will still be operating as efficiently as the day it was installed a decade later.

Save £££

Save an average of 46% on your daytime electricity bills with our renewable energy products.

Commercial Solar Finance

Why construction businesses should invest in solar

Future-proof your construction business with our commercial solar battery storage options and ensure long-term competitiveness in your market.

Renewable Energy Calculator

At Path Energy, we specialise in assisting clients in the construction industry in accurately assessing their potential energy savings. Our dedicated team harnesses the power of advanced technology and industry expertise to provide you with precise calculations. By delving deep into your energy consumption patterns and employing cutting-edge software solutions, we can determine the most efficient strategies to optimise your energy usage. Use our simple calculator below to see how much your business can save today!

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Generate your own clean energy to reduce your electricity bills

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Solar Export Tariffs

Sell your excess solar energy for the best prices with our exclusive partnerships

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Battery Storage

Store excess solar and cheap overnight energy, to use when you need it, maximising your bill savings

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Installing Commercial Solar for the Construction Sector Across The UK

We provide tailored solar solutions for construction industry businesses in the UK, optimising energy production and minimising costs.

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