How can I get a return on investment from my solar panels?

Solar Panels for Office Buildings

Are you wondering how to generate a return from your solar panel investment?

With the rising cost of electricity, many businesses are turning to solar panels as a sustainable solution to cut down on energy bills and reduce their environmental footprint.

Not only does this investment offer the chance to save on the ever-increasing cost of electricity by generating your power, but it also paves the way for potential earnings through surplus energy export. This blog aims to guide you through understanding the initial investment in solar energy and how it leads to financial returns, making it a worthwhile addition to your business.

What savings can I get from solar power?

The move towards renewable energy, particularly solar energy, is an environmentally conscious and strategically financial decision. The return on investment (ROI) in the commercial sector is attractive for businesses looking to reduce operational costs and improve their green credentials.

Lower Energy Bills

The main financial benefit of using solar panels in your commercial operations is the significant reduction in electricity bills. Solar energy can significantly decrease your company’s reliance on grid electricity, leading to direct energy bill savings.

Export Payments

Beyond just savings on electricity bills, your business can also benefit financially from the excess power your solar panels generate. This excess electricity can be sold back to the grid, offering extra revenue for your business and improving the overall return on investment.

Contributing to the renewable energy ecosystem and reducing the initial investment burden, these payments help accelerate the payback period, making solar energy a viable and lucrative investment for businesses.

Store your excess energy

Solar panels often generate more electricity than needed during peak sunlight hours. Instead of letting this surplus energy go to waste or exporting it back to the grid, you can store it using battery storage systems.

This stored energy can be used during non-peak hours or on days when sunlight is scarce, leading to further energy savings and reduced utility bills.

Incorporating energy storage into your solar setup can significantly affect overall solar savings. By reducing reliance on grid electricity even further, your business can significantly decrease their average energy cost over time.

This, in turn, contributes to substantial annual savings, improving the rate of return on the initial investment in solar technology.

Which solar panels are the most efficient?

When it comes to commercial solar panels, efficiency is key to maximising your return on investment. Choosing the right type of solar panel leads to greater monthly savings on electricity rates.

Mono-crystalline panels

Mono-crystalline panels are renowned for their high efficiency. This means these panels often lead to more significant monthly savings, as they require less space to generate the same amount of power as other types.

This efficiency translates into a quicker recovery of the initial cost, contributing to an average return that is both attractive and practical for businesses looking to invest in renewable energy.

Poly-crystalline panels

Poly-crystalline panels, made from multiple silicon crystals, offer a more affordable upfront cost while still providing a respectable efficiency. These solar panel systems are considered a good investment for businesses, providing a balanced solution between initial spending and the potential for long-term savings on electricity rates.

This balance makes poly-crystalline panels a viable option for companies seeking to adopt solar energy without the higher initial investment of mono-crystalline panels.

Over time, the savings from reduced electricity costs contribute to a solid average ROI, underscoring the value of poly-crystalline panels as a renewable energy investment.

Understanding government incentives and schemes

Government grants and policies can make a big difference in how doable and appealing it is for businesses to invest in solar panels. These government perks are crucial in cutting the cost of setting them up and boosting the returns you get from solar energy projects.

With these solar panel grants and incentives, your business can lower the upfront costs, making solar energy a more attractive and reachable option.

Government incentives

The impact of government incentives on solar investments cannot be overstated. These incentives are designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources by offsetting a portion of the upfront costs associated with solar panel installations.

As electricity costs continue to rise, the potential savings offered through these incentives become even more significant. They lower the initial investment needed and shorten the payback period, improving the overall financial returns of solar energy projects.

Solar panel grants and incentives

Specific schemes like the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) highlight how government policies support renewable energy initiatives. The SEG allows businesses to earn money for excess electricity generated by their solar panel systems and exported back to the grid, reducing the net cost of your solar energy investment.

Additionally, various local and national solar panel grants and incentives are available to businesses in different regions. These may include tax rebates, feed-in tariffs, and direct grants that cover a portion of the installation costs.

By reducing the financial burden of transitioning to solar energy, these incentives make solar panels a more attractive investment for businesses focused on sustainability and cost savings.

Maximise returns on your solar panel investment with Path Energy

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Mk Hk
25 March 2024
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